Established in 2006, Di Donna is a fashion jewellery and accessories brand designed to appeal to the ever-evolving tastes of contemporary, fashion conscious women worldwide.


The continuous strive for perfection supported by a good understanding of fashion trends has led Di Donna to stand apart from the common and the mundane.


The persistence in delivering innovative, distinguished and stylish designs, driven by a large pool of talented designers and professionals, has proved to be successful in building a solid base of loyal clientele, both on the consumer and retail levels.


The core product of the Di Donna brand is silver jewellery. Di Donna currently offers over 1000 beautiful designs with 2 new collections launched every year.


The uniqueness however does not stop at the product itself but extends into boxes and packaging, window displays and shop decoration. With its vibrant and fresh display colors, Di Donna becomes immediately recognizable.


In a short period of time, Di Donna has already proved to become part of every young to middle age contemporary and fashion-conscious women by complementing the fashion trends and responding to their ever-changing tastes.